Words from the Heart (Testimonials)

We are so grateful to the dear souls that have been inspired to speak to their experience with us.  Some of the greatest fulfillment in what we do comes from messages like these.  Our hearts are so very full.

. . .with a listening heart

Keane approaches spaces, people, and moments with a listening heart.  His thoughtful approach welcomes people around him. He brings gentleness and devotion to each moment, seeing what few see - the sacredness in each moment. Jyoti Ma

It is time to write your love story.

How do I write a testimonial that is not a love story, I think, and the truth of it is that Angel IS a love story.  This is how she engages with the world and with her truest self.  You will feel this too, and you will come to understand yourself more fully...

. . .is possibly the most calming person I know.

I have a holiday gift idea for those who have “everything,” and for those who feel utterly empty inside…could be for oneself or someone you know who is struggling to heal from trauma.   I consider, in the simplest explanation, Keane to be fabulous...

Angel is a true angel on this earth!!!“

Angel and I met today via zoom, and her ability to make a zoom chat feel alive and energized is a true gift. She provided a soft setting that invited my soul into hers, and it was hard to believe that we were not in physical space with each other. Her guiding...

. . .you part from him feeling like a new person.

Keane Aldrich is not your “normal” everyday person. He is much more. He has the rare, extraordinary gift to peer into the very heart of your soul and seems to know what is needed for you to move through the obstacles that prohibit you from being YOU. I have never met...

It was a beautiful experience.

Angel has a remarkable way of creating a safe space to be yourself. This is so important and helpful when you want to speak from the heart.  She sees you for who you are and explain and tells you what is needed in the exercises.  She guides you very...

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