How Creativity Helps Us Heal

Something really good happens when we can enter into a creative flow, setting all the potential limitations, criticism, and judgements aside.  Expressing our feelings on paper or canvas initiates a visual feedback loop with our conscious and sub-conscious mind, allowing us to gently and playfully be with, explore, and work with whatever might be ready to come forward.  Imagining, feeling, and creating in an expressive way helps parts of us come back together and move toward wholeness.  When we take the creative process back, when we make it just for us, without concern for approval from others or for its value in the market place, we open a line of communication with our inner world, our emotional world that just feels like the most natural thing, giving us insights we might not have access to otherwise.  

Self-Expressive Creativity

These videos will give you some examples of what Self-Expressive Creativity looks like.  We love introducing people to this way of expressing their inner-most self that is just for them, privately transformative  and empowering in ways that are manageable, more comfortable, and easy to integrate.  Little by little, we can increase neuroplasticity, move from ingrained patterns, and come into greater awareness and self-agency.  These practices are simple, really easy.  Think squiggles, doodles, shapes and colors, flowers, faces, mandalas, kindergarten style art projects.  

What People Are Saying

I was honestly very apprehensive due to a lot of old messaging about my artistic and creative abilities from the past. I not only Loved this session, I found it meaningful and deeply healing.  


“. . .unique techniques which still give me insights into my state of mind without having to concentrate on trying.”


“Angel sets the stage to create a canvas that will remind you of how beautiful you are, simply as you are!!”


“. . . exercises and tools that I could take away and practice when I am feeling challenged . . . “


“It’s not about your artistic skills. It’s about grounding into your physical body. It’s about getting out of your swirling thoughts & remembering your heart is your guide.”


Create new ways of seeing, through expressing  your thoughts and feelings visually. 

Invite new and creative solutions into your life.  You can develop the ability to respond to problems, stressful situations and relationship dynamics in a way that feels good to you.  We would love to help !   Take that first step toward activating the potential of your innate creativity.