Subtle Agents of Change

We believe in you and your ability to heal yourself, and we believe this is how we inspire others and bring a little healing to the world around us. We are passionate about delivering tools that promote emotional fluency and resilience to those in the healing and helping professions as well as to those of us providing care to others in our personal lives, fostering a culture of connection.

Are you a subtle agent of change, like us?


Subtle Agent of Change

Introducing Keane Aldrich

Keane is a mystic, poet, healing food chef, yogi, and HeartMath mentor.  The intentional application of creativity has illuminated the way for him to coalesce and amplify these aspects of himself and his own healing journey.  He is passionate about educating...

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Subtle Agent of Change

Introducing Angel Pricer

Angel Pricer is an Alchemical Artist, Educator and Creative Living Guide with a desire to reconnect individuals to their innate creative self-expression.  Her art is a portal to her own internal guidance system, which she employs in curating creative experiences...

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Full Color Living

Heart Coherence

When we were looking for the science behind the type of transformation that happens through creative self-expression practices, the HeartMath Institute and its research findings had a lot of the answers.  Then we discovered that these same practices amplified the effectiveness of creativity practices we were already using, and this is why we weave the practice and scientific research of the HeartMath system into everything we do.

Healing Creativity

We have personally experienced so much growth and healing through using creativity practices, and we love to help others have a similarly experience, but even more than that, we love the idea of healing creativity itself through our relationship with it.  Being able to give ourselves permission to doodle, scribble, draw, color, and make something out of our feelings is such a significant and necessary process.  It helps us open up to and make sense of our inner world.  It helps us heal in a way that is unlike anything else.

“Unearthing Our Creative Bones”

in Early 2022 we had an idea for a book of collected stories around a central theme.  We imagined all the memories people could share about the moment they gave up being creative because someone or something discouraged them.  So many people tell us they remember the moment so vividly.  Would you like to tell us your story? 


How can I start living in full color?

We have a number of ways you can engage with us.  Free weekly zoom gatherings, low-cost monthly heART Parties, sessions and journeys for individuals, couples, groups, teams, and we have workshops and retreats built around themes of the heart, real life, and our relationship with it all.  Check out our current offerings and available packages by clicking on the link below.

What is creative self-expression?

 This is a way of gently exploring our feelings, the ones that are ready, by expressing the way we feel through simple doodling, coloring, painting, and then paying attention to what is going on inside us as we playfully create. 

What is a heART Party?

We combine a community sharing circle with heart coherence and creativity practices to calm, stimulate and harmonize the mind, body, and emotions in a playful light-hearted setting. 

What is heart coherence?

It is a healthy high-performance state in which our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual being are working in harmony, bringing out the very best in us.

Do I need to be artistic?

You don’t need to be “creative” or have any experience, training or artistic proficiency to really benefit from creative self-expression practices.  Your brain is really going to like this playful, fun, and novel activity. 

What is HeartMath?

For over 30 years, the HeartMath Institute has been exploring, documenting, and developing tools and techniques for emotional awareness, regulation, and healing.   

What is Full Color Living?

It is a way of living that is nourished by continually growing and fostering self-awareness and self-acceptance that leads to a more full and colorful life experiene.

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