Keane is a mystic, poet, healing food chef, yogi, and HeartMath mentor.  The intentional application of creativity has illuminated the way for him to coalesce and amplify these aspects of himself and his own healing journey.  He is passionate about educating others toward the most profound lessons of his own life: self-love, self-expression, and self as creator.  

Of great influence for Keane have been the traditions of ancient yoga, holistic medicine and care practices, the science of neurophysiology, the practices and approaches of Intentional Creativity® and the HeartMath Institute.  The point where all these bodies of work converge is the creative center at the heart of every individual that allows the brain and body to rewire, heal, and remember the true essence of our causative capability in life.  Likewise, all of Keane’s offerings are an embodied convergence of these influences.  

 Keane is excited to be working with men who want to curate new life in their emotional landscape in his unique Intentional Healing Circles and Individual Sessions.  He is also delighted to be helping both men and women find greater peace, emotional resilience, and personal empowerment in his yoga classes, guided meditations, HeartMath mentoring and self-expressive creativity sessions.  

 By bringing relaxation, breathwork, and self-expression practices to employers, he hopes to help people right where they are while they are working.  In doing so, he also hopes to facilitate a sea-change in the way businesses and employees engage with each other, their work, their clients, themselves, and the world at large.