I have done a few of Angel and Keane’s sessions over the last year. I had loved to paint and create since childhood but lost touch with it in my early 20s. The first one unlocked a deep part of my soul and brought it all back! The intentions set manifested, and my healing journey has continued to have major breakthroughs after each of their sessions. The space they create is one of peace and clarity. It’s like coming home to your truest self and I am so grateful. Thank you! 🙏

More specifically about the session, 

Before the session I had been trying to look within to find what has been blocking me from taking the next steps in my journey. During the session many things popped up and finally the root of the situation. After the work, I felt a deep sense of relief having found the issue and being able to release it. Since then much more clearing has happened and an overwhelming feeling of connection to my higher self and to the Earth. Will definitely continue with these practices!

Kelsey Elizabeth