Hello my dear friend. I just want to say thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart, I am so very grateful that you chose to share this amazing modality with me. 

Before we started working together I was feeling so frustrated with myself. I have spent years working on my triggers, my anxiety, my breathing, building my toolbox. As you know, I came to you stating that one of my intentions was to decrease my dependency on medical marijuana. I have tried other methods before but I always seemed to return to plant medicine to help me manage my daily anxiety. I was feeling sort of at the end of my rope with that… like will this actually work or will I be struggling with this anxiety forever? And I can now say that after even 2 weeks I noticed a difference, but after 4 weeks of working with you and incorporating Heart breathing and the scaffolding of adding rejuvenating emotions and even just assessing where I’m at on the chart, I have hardly used medical marijuana at all. Partly because my anxiety has been far less. And I mean substantially, measurably less than it has ever been, but also because I don’t feel a need to run to a substance now that I have this tool. 

I feel empowered. I feel more connected to my body (less cognitive dissonance). I feel more confident in my ability to manage stress, anxiety, insecurity, and even depression. I appreciate you so much. I’m not sure you fully realize yet how much this has helped me with something really meaningful in my life — it bothered me greatly to depend on something outside of me to alleviate negative emotional and psychological states. 

Thank you. Really. I just thank you and I love you.

Thankful for you in my life, Angel.


Michelle Stine