I’ve been searching for the words to convey my experience last week. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do this justice, but I’ll give it a try. I can’t say nothing because holding it in because I am doubting my ability to pay homage to it is keeping this amazing gift all to myself, and that doesn’t feel right. 

I, myself, am a reader. I have been most of my life. As such, I am very choosey about who I get my own readings from. I’ve had many wonderful experiences, and a few not so great ones, though still helpful in the contrast they provide. But I feel like what I experienced last week was next level. It provided so much clarity, and it wasn’t that she gave me answers, it was just that she presented information that allowed me to come to those answers on my own. And that’s how I believe it should be. 

It’s why I stopped doing readings for a long time. Because people just wanted me to tell them what to do or what choice to make, and that’s not how I operate as a reader. I offer insight that empowers the sitter to make their own choices from a higher state of being. And that’s exactly what Angel Pricer did for me. 

I have been sitting on the fence for a long time. Trying to make some pretty monumental decisions in my life. When I found out she was offering astrological readings pertaining to composite charts to identify areas within relationship that a couple is working through in this lifetime (and perhaps others), I jumped at the opportunity to sit with her. And I am so glad I did. She hit the nail on the head time and again, and I left that reading feeling a deeper sense of appreciation for my partner. 

We are so different, he and I. And while this has presented so many challenges for us, we deeply love each other and our differences push us to grow. To question our own steadfast beliefs and open to the other. Sometimes this is hard as hell. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable and sometimes I hate it. But, when I find myself opening to and accepting him as he is, I am also opening and accepting myself and creating space for my own personal growth. 

I needed this reading. I set an intention to remain open to whatever she had to share, without any preconceived notions of what I thought I already knew. I also wanted to find some resolution and get off the fence. I got everything I intended. That feels incredibly freeing. A weight has lifted.

Thank you, Angel. It fills me with such joy knowing you are offering your gifts and skills so that others may learn and grow in ways that serve their highest and best. It’s so needed! You come at this with such integrity and care. I feel so nurtured in your presence and I appreciate you immensely. 

And to you, whoever you may be, reading this and finding yourself repeating some negative patterns, having the same fights over and over, feeling fed up, feeling on the fence, feeling like you don’t know if you’re in the right relationship, or you know it’s time to move on, or if you just don’t know where you keep going wrong… this is an opportunity to gain some real genuine clarity. 

I don’t make recommendations lightly. I am making one now with my whole heart.