Angel Pricer is an Alchemical Artist, Educator and Creative Living Guide with a desire to reconnect individuals to their innate creative self-expression.  Her art is a portal to her own internal guidance system, which she employs in curating creative experiences for those seeking a sense of self agency and belonging.

Intentional Creativity® is a healing modality designed to promote the expression of one’s emotional landscape in order to become comfortable responding to the events of life with a sense of expanded perspective and empowerment.

Angel’s work with those in the healing and helping professions follows a three-fold path of Embodied, Applied and Amplified Creative Self-Expression.  The Embodied stage introduces the individual to easy and practical ways to implement creativity as a resource for self care and the development of greater self awareness.  The Applied stage invites the individual to discern and learn how to use these tools within the population they serve.  The Amplified stage encourages the individual to notice the impact their consistent practice has had in their interpersonal relationships as well as where this approach might be beneficial in promoting greater harmony within the collective.