When Angel tells you that she’s been a lifelong student of astrology, she’s not kidding. At age 8, she started reading her mom’s books on the subject. Over the next few decades, Angel continued to explore and learn. Ultimately, the tension created by this feeling that something was missing inspired Angel to take her first ”serious” astrology course, Applied Astrology with Deborah Silverman, followed by Astrology for the Soul with New Paradigm Astrology.

She began to experience that special feeling that happens when the little voice inside starts to receive those golden affirmations. These first two courses confirmed her suspicions, that there was indeed more to this astrology stuff (so much more!), and that she was more than the canned, not-quite-me archetypal descriptions available through the volumes on her mom’s bookshelves.

Angel finally began to connect the dots, by house, sign, planet and aspect, toward greater understanding of herself and her loved ones. At last, she had a way of making meaning of a lifetime that spanned the vast distance from the moment of her birth to the moment of right now, and into the future of her possible growth and evolution.

Evolutionary astrology became, for her, that resonant way of seeing the human experience with the deepest compassion, while also tuning in to the higher evolutionary intention and desire of the soul itself.

There are many astrological windows into the self, and Angel loves discovering and rediscovering as many as she can. This includes The Gene Keys, as well as the transformational path of Pluto outlined by Jeffrey Wolf Green, Steven Forrest’s work with the phases of the moon, the polarity points illuminated by Ari Moshe Wolfe, the Star Vision of Ellias Lonsdale, and many more. Each one reveals more interconnected relationships waiting to be discovered.

Whether it is within her own life’s investigations or the context of classes and readings, Angel loves more than anything to discover or assist in the discovery of a quintessential core element of the human experience, revealed in a way that is empowering, liberating and encouraging. After all, isn’t this what knowing and understanding yourself is all about?

Imagine knowing your superpower, your gift of gifts, and the things that challenge your full expression of those gifts. Is there a more beautiful life’s work than sharing astrology in this way? Angel doesn’t think so. She is looking forward to witnessing your great affirming discovery.