I had the most synchronistic experience with Angel and Keane. From the moment the space was being prepared I experienced a series of aligned interactions, first with an old friend just before walking into the session and then with Angel and Keane as they opened the space and guided me in setting intentions for our time together. I felt a balanced ease in their presences and able to slip into myself gracefully accessing patterns I simultaneously have long looked to release and didn’t realize were there. Their soft voices and present eye-contact were reassuring, as we created together, I could feel my own intuition amplified by the space they held for me. I left with insight and an ARTifact of our creation that I know will continue to reveal its messages to me like waves in the tide of intuition. I would highly recommend their service to any and all who seek their own truth and growth, because through creativity we can heal ourselves and the world.

Meghan 03/24/22