Rory and I experienced a Customized Creativity Experience with Angel and Keane. I was honestly very apprehensive due to a lot of old messaging about my artistic and creative abilities from the past. I not only Loved this session, I found it meaningful and deeply healing. Angel and Keane created a safe non-judgmental circle, and using fun tools like huge colored pencils and crayons shape like crystals, I was able to let the Energy Flow through my hands in a free-form way to allow the expression to happen through me. I was able to fully let go and actually closed my eyes. The colors, the winding shapes and squiggles all became meaningful. Then we moved to watercolors to create our own personal symbol. I was again surprised at how I was able to let my Reiki guide me, and I absolutely felt connected to what flowed through.  I would definitely experience a session like this again, and I know it would be unique and personalized to my Intention in that moment. Letting go, I feel FREE!

Rickie Meryl Freedman