How do I write a testimonial that is not a love story, I think, and the truth of it is that Angel IS a love story.  This is how she engages with the world and with her truest self.  You will feel this too, and you will come to understand yourself more fully as she shares her tremendous and inspired knowing of both astrology and intentional creativity.  Through her gentle guidance, that is so subtle as to be invisible, you will experience a journey of deep self-realization and profound understanding, together with an activation of your own knowing and the re-activation of your ability to express yourself through both feeling and creating.  I am still integrating and noticing how the meta-cognitive drawing exercise she guided me through is continuing to open parts of my being that had been lost, neglected, forgotten.  What Angel is really sharing is an inspiring treasure map, wrought from her own journey of reclaiming her power and sovereignty from the hands of the mundane life prescribed soulful lack in our societal constructs.  If you are reading this, it is likely that the time has come for your journey home to begin.  It is time to write your love story. 

Keane Aldrich